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The Placebo Magick Podcast

Magick is pretend... and pretending is powerful! On the Placebo Magick Podcast we explore imaginative self-care and spiritual practice through casting spells, performing rituals, reading Tarot cards, communing with fictional beings, and delving into ancient or pop culture mythologies... all while remaining grounded in a science-based skeptical atheist worldview.

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Recent Episodes

Lightning Round: Metaphor is Magickal (S3E6)

A lightning round of mini-topics! "Metaphor is magickal", Tools Not Rules, a new approach to a grimoire, and more.

What the Heck Is Ritual? (S3E5)

What is ritual, anyway? Why use ritual?

Saints and Sages (S3E4)

Calling on the help of saints and sages in your spiritual practice.

Making Meaning (S3E3)

Meaning-making for skeptical atheists.

Featured Poetry


I don't know what I want
I don't know what I need
I don't know right or wrong
I would forget my plans
forsake my home
cast off my clothing
dissolve my name ...


The Beloved herself
is incidental—
neither Heaven nor the Way,
just a white rabbit passing by, living
her life, luring you
into freefall. Maybe she becomes
your lover, maybe your dearest friend,
maybe not, maybe ...


A homeless man wrapped in a greasy coat
and an otherworldly calm approached me
as I rushed home from work
down the sidewalk.
"Greetings," he said. "I am you
from the future. ...


When the poets of old
wrote of star-crossed lovers
they were partly right
and partly wrong ...