Wednesday, March 2, 2022



The Beloved herself
is incidental—
neither Heaven nor the Way,

just a white rabbit passing by, living
her life, luring you
into freefall. Maybe she becomes
your lover, maybe your dearest friend,
maybe not, maybe

she's an illusion
formed of the negative space
of this world's lack.
It doesn't really matter.

What matters is arriving.
Follow her to annihilation.
Follow and let yourself fall

into Love.
Here you eat one strawberry
and shrink down
to the size of a mouse, craving nothing
for yourself ever again.
Here you drink tea in the shade
and your soul expands
to become the universe.
Here all that you behold
belongs to you—
here you belong
to the way things are.

Here you cannot fail—
here you cry
completely, finally,
leaving nothing out.

Your bottommost tear adorns
your face like a jewel,

and the Lord of the Forest
and all his woodland creatures
bow to your unfolding majesty.

Receive this blessing
and glide through dappled shade
as a king.
Chickadees herald your arrival,
grasses whisper your names,
wildflowers wave banners,
fruits blush with ripeness at your glance—

Stay here if you can.
Return whenever you can.

Bless them all with your smile,
whole and beautiful.
Leave nothing out.