Friday, October 13, 2017

The Name Of My Land

Trees, sunlight, and shadow in Habdur

The name of my land is Habdur.

In the speech of Habdur
hab dur means welcoming place,
welcoming space,
spacious time,
the inviting present,
the just-right here and now.
As a verb—da hab dur:
to arrive
heeding invitation,
to be born welcome.

In my land
the Habdurrin
—sugar maples, quaking aspens,
pines, ferns, limestone,
sunlight, shadow, moonlight,
wild raspberries, and I—
signify Habdur.

Promised Land, Goddessland,
Motherland, Golden Age,
Eden-Again, Here-At-Last,
Habdur could happen

to be anywhere, anytime
the hab dur rin
—members of hab dur
accept this invitation
to be born.
The runes over the gate
ever declared,

Habdur runes: "lilo habdurrin davitha habdur"
Lilo habdurrin davitha habdur:

You who belong
to the calling
here and now,
arrive welcome
just-right now
here in Habdur.