Monday, November 19, 2018

Dealings with the Shadowlord

Glimpse of a mythic self
Witches whisper of partnering
closely, carefully, dangerously
in the dark
with certain gods
or goddesses
fickle or willful, playful or demanding,
surging with power.
I found the scat of a large animal
full of claws and fur
of the animals it devoured
on the trail I walk daily
between the house
and the driveway.

I had been wondering about him.
He had been wondering about me.

To the dark
I spoke truth
and the dark spoke
truth for truth
and something changed.

I am honester now
about what I crave,
more secretive
about what I offer.

Come to me this night
and bargain

to run together,
you with me
and I with you,
two Sovereigns
over Day and Shadow.