Placebo Magick Podcast episodes

Summoning the Dead: Secret Spells & Riddlesome Rituals (S2E21.2)

Tips for using magick to summon the spirits of the dead! (Or the not-quite-dead...)

Social Media and Smartphone Addiction (S2E21)

Magick and brain hacks for reducing screen time and its negative impacts!

Resource Roundup 2021 (S2E20)

I share a number of different book, podcast, and video recommendations for placebo mages.

Magick and Meaning in the City, with Winter (S2E19)

Special guest Winter joins me to discuss magick and meaning-making in a city environment.

Minimalist Magick (S2E18)

Magick on a budget, magick in small living spaces, and low-maintenance magick.

How My Practice Has Changed (S2E17)

In this informal episode I share how my practice has changed over time.

Astrology 101 featuring Tristan (S2E16)

Special guest Tristan walks me through a basic introduction to astrology.

Jesus the Wizard (S2E15)

Examining Jesus' teaching and healing through a placebo magick lens.

Keeping Up with the Dumbledores (S2E14)

The pressure we put on ourselves as mages to measure up to imaginary standards.

Magick for Problem People (S2E13)

Using defensive and offensive spells to deal with problem people like your ex, your boss, or your parents.

Star Wars: Pop Culture Paganism (S2E12)

Star Wars as a spiritual tool, a universal myth, and a contemporary religion. In Magick Mailbag: Patreon supporter Hamsa shares a ritual for honoring the complexity of new hobbies.

Magick for Procrastination (S2E11)

Using placebo magick to lift the curse of procrastination. In Secret Spells & Riddlesome Rituals: Forgiving someone using a paper doll.